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Submit your comments on what gives Mazatrol the advantage and how you have found a solution that increases production.

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4 ways to get even more out of your Mazaks!

1. Do you experience production bottlenecks when programming your Mazaks?

Scenario: When the CNC is not in production cutting chips even though there are jobs to do, then you are experiencing a bottleneck.

Solution: Simplifying the programming of parts is fairly simple if one puts some tools in place for the following:

i. Management of files.

ii. Off-line programming that lets you create programs while the CNC is running other parts.

iii. Using proven programs from one machine on another.

2. Do you ever dump Mazatrol programs because you have no way to store them?

Scenario: When the CNC memory gets full, not having the right file-management software can force you to delete programs that cost time, money and effort.

Solution: Put in place the right tool that will allow you to store the valuable programs created for your Mazaks. You wouldn’t want to throw away any usable metal just because your storage shelf is too small for the part you have to create right now, same for the programs in your Mazak.

3. Do you ever need to run a program from a newer Mazak control to an older control?

Scenario: If you have a proven program in your Mazak control and you need to run the same part on a different machine; you shouldn’t have to retype the whole program in the new control. And you shouldn't wait for the original machine to free up, when another machine is idle that could do the job.

Solution: Implement software that will allow you to convert the program from one machine to another. This will save you valuable time and let you reuse existing programs on different machines.

4. Do you have or plan to buy a new Mazak with the Matrix control?

Scenario: The Mazatrol Advantage gives the ability to run Mazatrol programs with more ease than you would with G-code. Matrix controls are programmable in Mazatrol; but the format that it uses is very different than previous versions of Mazatrol.

Solution: Keep the Mazatrol Advantage by simply implementing software that will run your new control as well as the older controls. Get up and running quickly using your existing programs.

If you want to take Mazatrol to another level then call us for details: 408.249.1529 main or 888.322.3226 toll-free

Back-up Manage Mazatrol
MicroDisk - RS232 up/download Mazak Files, Parameters, Tool Files...

Convert Mazatrol Controls
Convert M2 to Matrix & T1 to Matrix Program Integrex, Nexus, eMachine

Program Mazatrol Off-line
Program & Edit Mazatrol on a PC, Turn, Mill, Integrex, Nexus, eMachine

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